HOW-TO ARTICLE: Exploit This “Mind Hack” to Make Any Girl Feel Crazy Sexual Desire For You

Hi, I’m Kate Spring…

…and I’m going to teach you a “secret language” that will make any woman feel an uncontrollable lust for you and only you.

This highly secretive “encrypted language” will allow you to psychologically hack into a woman’s brain

…and give you complete control over how much she desires you…


even if she has a boyfriend, says she hates your guts, or tells you that she “only sees you as a friend”

And this “secret language” is so easy to use that even the most average-looking guy can use it to ignite powerful sexual fantasies inside any woman’s mind…

Desires so insanely powerful


…that she’ll be dreaming about you all day long, craving you like she’s never been in love before, and waiting until the day that she gets to wrap her legs around you, begging you to be hers … now how sweet would that feel?

So if you’re reading this right now, then do NOT leave this page, because I’m only going to leave this article up for a day or two…

….and if you read until the end, I’ll GIVE you the keys to this “secret language” that will make hot women stare at you…

…and chase you down for a date, a relationship, or whatever your heart desires. 😉

But first, I gotta warn you…

What I’m about to reveal is based on REAL Harvard research…

…and you could use this scientific language to really mess a girl’s head…

In fact, some of the guys I’ve taught this language to have been using it to psychologically ruin a girl.

…So What Is This Secret Language?

What I’m about to reveal to you is something that most men will never know…

….and it’s that BODY LANGUAGE holds the absolute key to making that woman you adore so badly THROW herself at you…

….and I’ll prove it to ya in just a second.

But first I’m going to cut through BS and reveal the top 3 “secret body language” tips that will make a woman feel an INSTANT attraction for you…

And I promise you, once you start using these secret ‘body language’ tips, you’re going to be seen as 10 times more desirable to even the hottest girls.

Tip one is to look at a woman’s lips when she’s talking to you… but only for 2 seconds at a time…and no more than 8 seconds apart

By staring at one of her most intimate body parts, you will flood her brain with seductive ideas that will make her fantasize about you

…and if you do it right, she’ll be craving to kiss you by the end of the night. More on this later…

Tip Two Is To Touch A Girl Every Time She Laughs…

….ever heard of Pavlov’s theory?

This psychological hack will make almost any girl drop her panties for you. Pavlov’s theory states that animals can be conditioned to react to certain “cues”… just like how you wake up to an alarm clock.

So by touching a girl WHILE she’s laughing or smiling, you’re forcing her to mentally associate your touch with feelings of fun and excitement.


Knowing this little secret will make a girl to feel a sense of obsessive desire for you for as long as you want…

…and you will make her psychologically addicted to you.

All you’ll have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as a woman begins chasing you like a sex-crazed animal.

Now, before I get to my third tip, I have to tell you a crazy story to help explain it…

Because if you’re anything like my friend James, then you can relate to how frustrated dating can be…

…and for his case, sometimes shockingly devastating

James was the kind of guy who was doing EVERYTHING he could… but the guy was just 5’4’’ and skinny as heck. And as much as he tried to act confident and do everything he could to land a date, he fell short every time.

Every day, James would come into work and stare with lust at my girlfriend Ashley… she was the kind of sexy girl that every guy has a crush. She had long, auburn hair, sexy blue eyes, legs for days, and the tightest ass I had ever seen… she was so hot, even *I* thought about banging her.

James blushed as he confessed to me how much of a crush he had on Ashley. He told me how nervous he was when he was around her… and how happy he’d be if he even just got one date with her…

That is… until one day he DID… and then experienced something that will make your jaw drop.

It was two days before our Christmas staff party, and I convinced James to ask Ashley out to the party as a date. To everyone’s shock (including mine), she said “yes”! (But everyone knew she only agreed out of pity).

James was over the moon – he couldn’t stop asking me what he should wear, what kind of flowers to bring, and what to say to her to make her like him.


I could see him shaking with excitement, as if he had just won the jackpot at the casino!

When the big night finally came, everyone was anxious to see how their date would go… and everyone hoped that James would get a little action too…

 Throughout the whole entire night, James kept trying to be the perfect guy – opening doors for her, buying her drinks, and doing everything he could to be that “Mr. Right”the kind of guy women fantasize about in the movies. But as the night wore on, I could tell that something deeply troubling was going on…

The more he tried to impress Ashley, the more she began getting distant and pulling away… and the less interested she seemed in him… until one moment, she got fed up and left to “go to the bathroom.”

10 minutes pass and James began to panic… “Where did she go?” he asked me. I could tell in his eyes that he was deeply worried that he’d blown it… flustered, he got up and began frantically searching for her.


And as you’ll discover in a second…

This was a BIG mistake.


After about 20 minutes, he gave up and sauntered to the back alley to get some fresh air… but what he walked in on made his lungs collapse.

He saw Ashley, bent over on the railing, and being fucked by our asshole of a boss, Derek… And she was loving every second of it. It took James a moment to realize what was happening. 

He froze. He saw how much it looked like she was enjoying herself… and how she moaned with every thrust Derek took.

James dropped his beer and it shattered on the ground… which scared the hell out of Ashley and Derek.

“What the FUCK, James…get the fuck outta here!”
screamed Ashley.

James ran around the corner and felt a wave of nausea and anger… he left the party, and then disappeared for days. He didn’t show up for work… and didn’t answer any text messages. Just radio silence… we thought James died. And we couldn’t help but feel sorry for him…

My maternal instincts kicked in and I felt this strong desire to do whatever I could to help James… to help him just solve this stupid dating problem once and for all.

So I began studying the science of seduction and sexual attraction from the most brilliant Harvard psychologists, and what I discovered next will change your life forever

I discovered a ‘secret language’ that only the female brain can interpret…

…a language that covertly takes control of the sexual control centre of her brain, and makes her do almost anything you want her to.

It’s more powerful than just using a few pick up lines or just ‘acting confidently’… no, what I’m talking about is BODY LANGUAGE.

You’ve probably heard that 93% of all human communication is non-verbal.

And this makes complete sense if you think about it – men have been seducing women for thousands of years… and if you go back far enough, verbal languages like “English” and “Japanese” didn’t exist.

Yet, seduction and reproduction still continued otherwise you wouldn’t even BE here…


And what I discovered was men that were so attractive (to the point that they actually CONTROLLED the women they talked to) shared common body language signals…

Signals so powerful, that they force any woman to bat her eyes at you, lick her lips, and stare at you with those hungry “I want you right now!” eyes.

In a sense, attractive men SPOKE a secret language that less attractive men couldn’t.

And when you use this secret language in conjunction with my verbal signals later on in this video, it’s literally beyond a woman’s control.

She has to respond to you and she HAS to feel an attraction for you. When you use this technique on her, you directly access the animal brain that MAKES her horny and feeling ‘in love’…and these feelings happen even if she isn’t into you.

This ‘language’ is literally the product of years of the most advanced scientific behavioural research… 

Ready to learn the shocking ending to James’s story?

So after 6 days of James calling in “sick” to work, I went to his apartment… Amazingly, he let me in… and when I walked into his apartment, it was a mess

It just smelled like soiled underwear.

I saw him playing Call of Duty in his boxers and he looked like he hadn’t showered for days. I decided to cut straight to the point with him.

“I know how you can make girls want you… and how to make them feel the kind of desire that they have for famous celebrities 10x more handsome than you.”

That caught his attention… but then he quickly looked defeated again.

“I’ve got no money. I’m not super smart or good looking… Nothing’s going to help me.”

That night, I sat down with him and taught him the EXACT same kind of techniques I taught you at the beginning of this video. 

He sounded skeptical of the advice, but since he had nothing to lose, he started going out and using these covert body language techniques on women… women that used to be out of his league.

He used these techniques on Sally, a hot redheaded barista at the Starbucks around the corner.

And within 10 minutes of chit chat, she gave James her number… and practically begged him for a date.

He used the same techniques a week later on cute ‘nerdy’ girl at the boardgame cafe, and within a week’s worth of coffee dates, he actually slept with her… (and KEPT sleeping with her until he was sick of her).

He later used this messed up technique to bag the super hot accountant that worked on the 3rd floor… after he used this technique, she was putty in his hands… and he made her his girlfriend within a month.

Excited by his success, I began teaching men how to transform their way of communicating with women, and the results will make your jaw drop


I developed the most scientifically advanced system that teaches men EXACTLY how to make stunningly hot “10’s” find you irresistibly attractive


How to make them crave you in a way that no other man can


…and make them OBSESS over you to the point of no return.


It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, short, fat, bald, old…if you want a girlfriend or just want to get laid.

This step-by-step program has been honed and fine-tuned to work for almost any guy that gets access to it.

So if you’ve ever wanted that kind of power over women that makes your friends JEALOUS with ENVY… then what I’m about to teach you will literally transform your world upside down.

So without further ado… I give you…

The Obsession Method

This is the most advanced, scientifically-validated seduction system in the world.

Regular Price: $329

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There hasn’t been a system laid out like this before…it covers everything.

That means this will work for the oldest, dumbest, and poorest guy… and if you think you’re just average, then this secret method will make hot women spread their legs for you even FASTER.


Who wouldn’t want THAT kind of domination and control over a woman?


And it’s the only program that has REAL science and research injected into its DNA… but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to use.

Now, if you’re here right now, that means you saw an email, clicked on an ad, or watched one of my YouTube videos to get here…

If so, then you’re one of the lucky few who I’ve opened this program up to. See, this online system is BRAND NEW and I’m only opening up some slots to a few very lucky guys.


Here’s what you’ll learn in my program…



I’ll teach you exactly when and how to make a move… when to ask her out, when to go for the kiss, and when to escalate to full out sex. You’ll never make a mistake and get rejected.


The secret body language tactic that makes her want to sleep with you TONIGHT.


I’ll teach you a special story that you can tell any girl to make her feel a deep and subconscious desire for you.


You’ll learn my “Direction Approach” which will make a girl instantly interested in you the moment you meet her.


How to make her feel a deep desire for you… the type of desire that makes her obsess over you for as long as you want.


How to keep her COMMITTED to you and interested in you so that she dreams about marrying you.


I’ll teach you my “Spring Seduction System” that will make a girl horny and wanting you. Very few guys really know how to do this…


The 3 kinds of text messages that turn her on and BEG you to meet with her.


You’ll learn my “Subliminal Seduction” technique… this is a simple body language language tactic that will make a woman want to sleep with you instantly.

Now I could go on for a hours about what’s covered in The Obsession Method and I still wouldn’t even be scratching the surface.

This program is so comprehensive and complete that there literally has been nothing else like it before…

…and it’s been so powerful and effective for the men that have used it, but don’t take my words for it… listen to what these guys have to say. 

I could go on for 100 hours with stories about how my Obsession Method has worked for countless guys out there, but I know you’re curious yourself…

You’re curious if my Obsession Method will be as effective and easy for you as it was for those guys…and I can answer that! YES, it is.

Everything I’ve laid out in my system is so DEAD EASY that even the dumbest guys I’ve taught have used these techniques to get laid ON REPEAT.

But it’s not just that…


If you register today, I’ll also be throwing in…


Sex Text Module

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You’re getting this for free.

I know you guys have ALL been there…

You’re alone, lying in bed at night but all you can think about is how you can get that SUPER cute co-worker out on a date and into your bed…

Well, with this module, I’ll teach you EXACTLY the type of texts you need to send to her to get her turned on, wanting you, and craving you.



Make Her Approach You


Regularly sold for $100

But if you purchase the Obsession Method today…

You’re getting this for free.

I want you to imagine this for a second…

Imagine walking into the grocery store and you see a really cute girl shopping in the dairy section… she looks at you and IMMEDIATELY you can tell she’s intrigued.

She eyes you, smiles, finds a reason to get close to you and says, “Hey, what’s up?”

There are certain body language cues that you can use to psychologically compel a girl to approach YOU… that’s right, you don’t have to feel the pain of getting rejected anymore.



Sexual Wordsmith

Regularly sold for $100

But if you purchase the Obsession Method today…

You’re getting this for free.

Have you ever chatted up with a girl you really like…

…and you REALLY wanted to impress her but you hit a brick WALL and couldn’t think of anything funny or cool to say? That’s where “Sexual Wordsmith” comes in.

In this module, I’ll teach you little known secrets that most men will NEVER know about creating “conversational attraction”… 

… All of these bonuses are FREE and INCLUDED in my Obsession Method system.

If you were to buy all of these bonuses individually, PLUS my Obsession Method system, you would be paying well over $2200but listen up

Normally, the price of my program goes for $247… and at that price I had guys fighting tooth and nail to gain access to it.

But again, today, I’m running a special promotion that will ensure that you leave today with the most powerful “female brain hacking” system known to man…

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And another thing…Once we get enough men to fill out the first 1000 spots, we are going to close this promotion. That might happen tomorrow or it might happen weeks from now… I have no idea.

So if you’re even a little bit interested, you have to register today… because if you come back tomorrow and you see the regular $247 price, do NOT email me asking for the promotional price.

You won’t get it.

And remember… your purchase is has a 60 day, “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

So if for whatever reason my system doesn’t work for you, just e-mail me for a quick refund.

So here’s how I see it… 

You pretty much just have 2 choices.

You could close this window and walk away. Sure, you’ll still might be able to figure out your dating life…  but you’ll never really experience how powerful, seductive, and attractive you could really be…

And never reach your potential… or…

You could click the “ADD TO CART” button below and get started…

And experience the power to make 9’s and 10’s feel an intense sexual desire for you. The choice is yours.

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  • And many, many more bonuses!

And remember, your purchase is backed by a 60-day, no BS money back guarantee so all the risk is on ME.

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Get the complete Obsession Method program for just $69.95

All the best,

Kate Spring

Men’s Dating Coach

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Regular Price: $329

One Time Payment of $69.95


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